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This is a sample of some of the companies using SideKick365-xRM or SideKick365-DCM with a short description of how they use it and where...  We have many active deployments in new verticals in progress.  Keep tuned for new deployments and uses of SideKick365-xRM and SideKick365-DCM.

Microsoft - SideKick365-xRM

The Microsoft Office 365 Syndication sales team uses SideKick365-xRM to manage their sales pipeline and coordinate sales initiatives on national sales team in the US.



Dakota Financial - SideKick365-DCM

Dakota Financial used SideKick365-DCM to manage over 200,000 tiff images for over 1000 leases and is scanning in 500 to 1500 new images per week using Kodak CapturePro integrated with SideKick365-DCM running in Office 365.  Dakota migrated from a popular imaging system (you see them at all the trade shows) into SideKick365-DCM because it supports offline integration with Outlook, great performance and nearly unlimited scalability.
City of Chino Hills - SideKick365-DCM

The City of Chino Hills is using SideKick365-DCM to manage over 20,000 photos of events and staff.  They use SideKick365-DCM in-house on their servers.
National Media Company - SideKick365-xRM

This national media company migrated over 700 users of a major online salesforce tool into SideKick365-xRM running on-prem.   They are saving nearly $1 million per year by using SideKick365-xRM.
The York Group - SideKick365-xRM

The York Group is using SideKick365-xRM to coordinate the sales piepline of staff in over 25 countries.  They are heavy users of the Outlook, OneNote, Excel and Word integration in SideKick365-xRM.  They use SideKick365-xRM in Office 365.