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SideKick 365 - A Family of Products
SkyLite Systems develops business apps for Office 365. All of our products are built around Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync leveraging a shared set of services and functionality that we have developed called the SideKick365 Service bus.   SkyLite Systems currently offers two products in the SideKick365 family Sidekick365-xRM and SideKick365-DCM.  You can learn more by selecting the product name using the menu on the left or selecting the hyperlinks below:
SideKick 365 xRM - A robust Extended Relationship Management (xRM) solution that can be used to manage the sales process, contact management, project management, case files and complex relationships between people and institutions. Click HERE for more info.
SideKick 365 DCM - A powerful Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution that let a group of people bundle many different types of data including files, voice, emails and documents into a case file and collaborate on the case file using workflow, document management and colloboration tools within a case file. Click HERE for more info.
The SideKick365 Service Bus
All SideKick365 products are built around a common framework called the Sidekick365 Service Bus.  The SdieKick365 Service Bus contains the following services:
  •  Fine Grained Security - SideKick365 applications can leverage two different security models to implement fine-grained permission management for every item stored within SideKick365 applications.  Both approaches are important and required to properly manage different kinds of content.  Structured security is used for content that has security requirements based upon long-lived permission rules and long-standing user and system roles and relationships.  Ad-hoc security is required when permission rules are defined on a case-by-case basis on a one-off basis.
  •  External Content Integration - SideKick365 includes methods that leverage the client object model in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 to “push” content into the SideKick365 repository from tools like Office and third party applications.  This service can be leveraged to support digital scanning of paper and integration of voice messages to name just a few uses of this service.
  • Extensions of Office using VSTO  - The Microsoft Office suite of tools is used to create much of the content managed by SideKick365 applications.  The SideKick365 service bus includes methods to integrate clients running Microsoft Office into the SideKick365 repository from within the Office tool suite.  Examples include direct integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote from buttons within the Office ribbon interface using VSTO.  The VSTO extensions are used in conjunction with the Client Object model allowing authentication and content “publishing” into SideKick365.
  •  Electronic Books - The service bus includes methods and design patterns to support organize content into electronic cabinets and “books” with enhanced security, auditing and viewing capabilities within SharePoint 2010 and 2013.  
  •  Cabinets - The SideKick365 service bus includes methods and design patterns to support the creation and management of logical structures comprised of disparate content correlated into logical containers called cabinets.  Cabinets support the idea of a parent list item and related items from child lists. Cabinet child items and lists share security and metadata information from the parent list item.
  • Metadata-based Security Profiles - The SideKick365 service bus supports management of a rich assortment of security profiles that can be used for permissions on items using structured security


Additional Information on the SideKick365 Service Bus A whitepaper that explores the SideKick365 Service Bus and how granular security is managed within the Office 365 Srevice Bus.  You can review a copy of the whitepaper here: SideKick365 Service Bus and Security.pdf