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SideKick365 xRM Ultimate  - Click HERE for a test drive, HERE for video's, or Here to download a trial or purchase today

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is our most scalable and flexible App for sales and marketing professionals and project managers that can be deployed to Microsoft’s revolutionary Office 365 or installed on your servers.



Scalable, Customizable  - Ready for Office 365


Are you tired of trying to use complex, rigid, and expensive CRM solutions?  SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is a complete CRM solution to manage your sales pipeline, all your customer relationships, and all projects and cases.   Best of all, SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is built entirely in SharePoint2013.  No third party products, no hidden charges, no surprises - just a great customizable CRM and Project management app built for SharePoint 2013 that can be installed in less than 5 minutes into Office 365 or on your SharePoint servers!

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate includes:

  • Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Tasks
  • Documents, Notes, Integration with Outlook
  • Projects with their own Docs, Tasks, Contacts
  • Multiple Contacts per Account or  Opportunity
  • Support for documents using Explorer view
  • Support for Folders within the Documents Views
  • Nearly unlimited customization of modules
  • Flexible Security


You can download a 30 day trial by selecting this Link or you can request a test drive to a fully populated demo by emailing us following this Link .



SideKick365 xRM Ultimate  supports granular security on Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Projects . This means you can set "who" can see "what" using security profiles that you setup.  You can create sales teams, product teams,  regions, and even support multiple companies within the same instance of SideKick365 xRM Ultimate. You can download a whitepaper on Security in SideKick365 xRM Ultimate by following this link SideKick365 xRM Ultimate - Security.pdf



SideKick365 xRM Ultimate  supports nearly unlimited customization of the modules letting you tailor it to your exact requirements.  You can add the following fields to any of the screens throughout the app

  • Text - single line and scrolling areas
  • Choice List
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • People Picker
  • Radio Button
  • Images
  • Hyperlinks

And you can add JavaScript to any of these fields you add to enforce business logic or advanced display capabilities and formatting.  Please see the video about customization in the xRM Ult Video section of our site HERE


Localized for your Country

Support for all of the following languages

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch 
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish 
  • localization for Great Britain
  • localization for Australia
  • localization for South Africa
  • let us know if you need another



Pure SharePoint - No Third Parties, No Externally Hosted Data, No Bull

Don't be fooled solutions that claim to be SharePoint apps but are actually externally hosted solutions that appear as a window within SharePoint.  These externally hosted SharePoint apps are complex and rely upon third party companies that open up data security and reliability issues.   Who are these third party providers, how reliable are they, who knows!

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate - like all of our apps -  is written on top of SharePoint 2013 - so you get all the power of SharePoint packaged into a simple to use CRM solution.  We don't require any external hosting... All data is stored in SharePoint. 

No third parties, no externally hosted data, no bull. SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is pure SharePoint goodness wrapped up into an awesome CRM and Project Management app!


Add-ins for Office, Outlook, and Scanning

Add-ins that allow deep integration with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and emails in Outlook are included at no additional charge.  Just select the SideKick365 icon in the ribbon of Office and Outlook and then select the Account, Opportunity, or Project where you want the file or email to be saved and that email or file is instantly copied into SideKick365 xRM Ultimate.

A separate add-in is also available thet lets SideKick365 xRM Enterprise integrate with scanners so you can easily tame your paper tiger and store scans of your important documents in Accounts or Opportunities.  Contact SkyLite Systems for pricing information of the scanning module.



SideKick 365 xRM Ultimate supports

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Projects
  • Extensive customization
  • Integration with Office and Outlook
  • Scanning from Twain Devices
  • Lync for Click-to-dial 
  • Multiple contacts for an Account
  • Multiple contacts for an Opportunity
  • Flexible and powerful reporting tools
  • Strong Security
  • Localized language and interface support for over 10 languages





Do you need support for SideKick365 xRM Ultimate?  If so then you can call us at 949-529-5785 or drop us a request for support using the email address of



SideKick365 xRM Ultimate can be deployed in less than 5 minutes on your servers or in Office 365 – it’s your choice.


Additional Information


  • White Paper describing how to set up security profiles in SideKick365 xRM  
  • -> Setting Up Security in SideKick365 xRM .pdf
  • Click HERE to see video's showing SideKick365 xRM Ultimate in action
  • Click HERE to contact SkyLite Systems and get more information




SideKick365 xRM Ultimate is available in the new SharePoint App store for $19.99 per seat/per month .  Select this  Link to purchase in the new Office Marketplace now.
Price includes our add-in for Office and Outlook.  Site licenses are available and discounts are available for non-profit and humanitarian organizations. SideKick 365 xRM Ultimate installs in minutes into Office 365  or on-prem in SharePoint 2013
SideKick 365 xRM Ultimate installs in minutes into Office 365  or on-prem in SharePoint 2013Call for pricing on add-ins for scanning, Custom Reports, and App modifications. You can reach us at 949-529-5785 or drop us a request for more info at