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SideKick 365 DCM - Video's 

 Demo 1 - SideKick365-DCM - An Overview


This 7 minute video shows an overview of how you can use SideKick365-DCM for Dynamic Case Management. SideKick365-DCM lets you integrate scanning, voice, email, office files and much more into case files that can easily be managed in Office 365 or on your SharePoint 2013 Servers.


 Demo 2 - SideKick 365 DCM - How to Create Custom Reports


This 6 minute video shows how you can easily create custom reports in Sidekick365-DCM.  This video gives you a step-by-step guide.


 Demo 3 - SideKick 365 DCM - Scanning with Kodak Smart Touch into Office 365 


This 5 minute video shows how you can scan into Sidekick365-DCM running in Office 365 using our Scanning Add-In and Kodak Smart Touch software.   Smart Touch software is included with Kodak scanners so this solution is very cost effective!


Demo 4 -SideKick 365 DCM - Integration with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook


This 6 minute video shows add-in that integrates SideKick365 DCM with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.



Demo 5 -SideKick 365 DCM - Installing into Office 365


This 7 minute video shows how you can install SideKick365 DCM into SharePoint in Office 365.  It also demonstrates how to de-install a SharePoint app